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Jul 28, 2016 – G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche starts up in the United States


G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche is continuing its internationalisation process with the opening of a major distribution warehouse in the heart of the new US Ceramic Valley.

The new G.M.M. USA facility, due to open in October this year in Clarksville (Montgomery County, Tennessee), will extend over a surface area of more than 1,000 sq.m and will hold a large stock of parts for the ceramic industry. Benefits for local manufacturers will include reduced warehouse stock and consequently lower property taxes, as well as 24/7 customer support provided by a specialist team.


Jul 15, 2016 – G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche acquires B.B.M.


G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche, a leading distributor of industrial components owned by the Milani family, recently announced the acquisition of B.B.M. Maintenance Partner, a company operating the field of condition monitoring and specialist preventive maintenance.

The acquisition has enabled G.M.M. to add a strategic business unit to its portfolio and to continue its strategy of developing customer services aimed at increasing productivity, optimising procurement processes and reducing machine downtime.

As a result, G.M.M.’s improved component supply service is complemented by the high-quality 24/7 maintenance services provided by B.B.M.


Apr 21, 2016 – G.M.M. provides Marazzi Group with predictive maintenance programme

Copertina 116

G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche is continuing its close partnership with Marazzi Group by providing the Sassuolo-based tile manufacturer with a comprehensive Condition Monitoring programme, the predictive analysis system developed by G.M.M.

The system uses sophisticated measuring instruments to perform supervision and diagnostics and prevent machine stoppages. Along with prevention, the success of Condition Monitoring is largely due to improvements in application based on regular data collection and the transfer of knowledge through training and maintenance activities.

The solution has brought significant productivity benefits. The main improvements concern the power transmissions that are installed on the dust extraction filters used to improve the environmental conditions of the production plant.


Feb 5, 2016 – G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche reports record turnover

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G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche, a Fiorano Modenese-based company specialising in the distribution of mechanical components for the ceramic industry (plant construction and industrial maintenance), closed 2015 with double-digit turnover growth to reach 14 million euros, the highest performance in its history.

The other main economic indicators were all positive. The excellent results owe much to the substantial investments made in recent years in services and cutting-edge solutions.

The projects introduced to improve service include BEST Bonfiglioli (for assembly and certified testing of Bonfiglioli gearboxes) and GMM Service (a specialised workshop which provides a rapid response to the ever more frequent demands for customisation of commercial components).

Newly developed solutions include Smart Energy Pack, a tool designed for energy saving on power transmissions, and Condition Monitoring, a predictive analysis programme for monitoring machines and avoiding unexpected downtimes.

The company expects to maintain its levels of business in 2016 thanks to the strong results achieved in the last few months of 2015 in both the domestic and international markets.


December 10, 2015 – GMM Mechanical Transmission launches new website

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Fiorano Modenese based company GMM Trasmissioni Meccaniche has launched its new website, a completely redesigned space with more dynamic and appealing graphics.

Users can easily access full company information, from a historical background through to products and the latest new solutions.

There is also a “news” section that provides constant updates on the most important company news and a press review of interviews and publications.

Last but not least, the “Services” section outlines the various services offered by GMM to ensure its customers the best possible technological support.

These include GMM Service (a workshop of skilled professionals capable of providing a rapid and flexible response); Best Bonfiglioli (a partnership set up with Bonfiglioli to serve the power transmission market); Linear Centre (a collaboration with THK, a leader in the production of linear systems, aimed at integrating the company’s extensive warehouse stock with machines for cutting and machining rods and linear guides, thereby significantly reducing delivery times); and Data analysis (a team specialising in data processing and logistics).

The strong focus on customers is also demonstrated by the GMM Solution service, a series of solutions available to the world of industrial maintenance.


August 28, 2015 – GMM Trasmissioni Meccaniche expands abroad

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In the first 5 months of 2015, GMM Trasmissioni Meccaniche reported further growth in its export shares.

This was achieved by strengthening ties with longstanding customers in existing markets and at the same time developing new markets and sales channels that have rewarded Italian quality, innovation and speed of service.

The company, which specialises in the sale of mechanical components for maintenance of ceramic machinery, has also seen changes in terms of the type of products most in demand.

Whereas in 2014 demand was highest for dedicated programs such as GMM Solution, Smart Energy Pack and Best Bonfiglioli, the growth in the first few months of this year has been driven mainly by the supply of spare parts for continuous and discontinuous mills and for ceramic surface finishing and chamfering machines, especially rectification lines.


May 18, 2015 – G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche partners Panaria Group for energy saving

Copertina 111-2015
Following its presentation at Tecnargilla 2014, Smart Energy Pack from G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche has generated keen interest amongst the major players in the international ceramic industry.

In Italy, for example, it has been adopted by Panaria Group, a company that has always been highly sensitive to issues of environmental sustainability and has installed IE3 high-efficiency motors and the new Eagle NRG transmission.

Smart Energy Pack is the latest solution from G.M.M. Trasmissioni Meccaniche for limiting energy losses from power transmissions and pneumatic circuits, optimising energy consumption and ensuring access to state certifications.


May 05, 2015 – G.M.M. Mechanical Transmission partners Marazzi Group

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G.M.M. Mechanical Transmission, distributor of such historic brands as SKF, Tsubaki, Siemens, Bonfiglioli, Festo, THK and FM, continues its innovating process by introducing Smart Energy Pack, a solution developed for energy efficient transmissions.

Smart Energy Pack will be paired with G.M.M. Solution, the new spare parts analysis program designed to streamline and speed up the procurement process, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen partnerships with customers.

G.M.M. Solution’s goal is to reduce financial exposure without sacrificing know-how or service excellence. The practicality of the program is confirmed by the contract signed with Marazzi Group to supply components to the group’s seven Italian facilities.