Reduce Total Acquisition Costs

Maintenance and repair represents a significant percentage of any manufacturing budget, and while there’s always a drive to reduce costs, there’s also the need to ensure product quality and availability. We can work with you to drive improvements in all three areas. As one of Europe’s largest distributor, we have the network and buying power to deliver real benefits, and all from one single source.

To reduce your total acquisition costs, it is necessary to consider not just the basic product cost, but your entire process costs. We have developed a number of solutions to make us a cost-efficient business partner for you. These include:

Suppliers reduction: We can help you reduce the total number of suppliers, thereby reducing the associated purchasing costs including administration and invoicing.

OEM parts analysis: We can evaluate your purchases from different kinds of manufacturers and identify those parts that are standard items which can be sourced safely elsewhere, at the best available price.

Focusing on process, not just price. Products and parts are continuously evolving. Accordingly, the availability of new and improved components may have greater durability and performance than a replacement part. We’ll always advise you when this is the case, helping you achieve long-term cost benefit.

Energy efficiency. SMART ENERGY PACK is a brand new tool developed to give concrete energy management solutions through 5 key-points.

Extending the working life of equipment. Equipment reliability and longevity is the key to successful long-term investment. As well as reducing mean time between failure, our advice can help increase the performance and life expectancy of your equipment. At our world-class workshops, we’re also able to undertake fully guaranteed repairs to help keep your production lines running for longer.

Streamlined online ordering process. As a single source supplier, we make online ordering and invoicing easy. We can help you reduce the processing costs involved with sourcing products from multiple locations by providing one consolidated and electronic online invoice to cover your purchases. Rather than creating endless orders, we can hold one order open online – allowing you to purchase a number of product lines over a period of time. We’ll also work with you to establish the most effective online invoicing process – particularly beneficial for multiple sites. Online ordering is a key solution for your order process streamlining. Our system saves time, effort and unnecessary paperwork, while we’re also able to provide you with a clear and auditable tracking process and high quality management information.

Emergency service. We offer a round-the-clock service, 365 days a year, perfect for those business critical needs.