A division of G.M.M. Group


G.M.M. Usa Inc specialises itself in the trading and distribution of mechanical components intended for both plant builders (OEM) and industrial manufacturers (MRO).

Distinguished by speed and punctuality of their service, G.M.M. Usa is committed to the research of innovative and high-performance products.

As a consequence of the significant increase in the number of European built machinery in North America, many factories struggle to get European spare parts. This is where GMM Usa comes into play: we’re the perfect partner to solve all these issues, thanks to a wide range of products available from stock and the technical know-how acquired during our 40-years long business activity in Italy.

G.M.M. aims to become a leading company in the distribution of technical components.



G.M.M. Solution

GMM SOLUTION is a project with the aim of providing the market a complete and customized supply package based on customer’s consumption.

Smart Enegy PACK homepage

Smart Energy Pack

SMART ENERGY PACK is a brand new tool developed to give concrete energy management solutions through 5 key-points.

BBM Service

Condition Monitoring

G.M.M. will be able to provide reliable and highly specialised services of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) aimed to the prevention of machines downtime, thanks to the recent purchase of B.B.M. Company.
G.M.M. performs direct interventions on machinery, such as vibration analysis, rotating machine balancing and couplings alignment.